Exercise Physiology Lab

UPrise Performance Camps has teamed up with Catalyst Kinetics to utilize state-of-the-art technologies from around the globe to build the most comprehensive picture of an athlete’s energy systems.

Utilizing the most advanced technology available in the field, Catalyst Kinetics physiologists are able to go beyond traditional sport science methods and assess the interaction between the different systems in the body that play a role in human performance.

Cosmed is a worldwide leader in spirometry, pulmonary function, indirect calorimetry, exercise testing, and body composition.

Artinis Medical Systems
Artinis Medical Systems has a long history in optical oximetry and specifically, near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). The NIRS device from Artinis can be used to monitor oxygen supply non-invasively in living tissue (both brain and muscle). NIRS technology is creating exciting developments in the field of sport science.

Manatec Biomedical
The PhysioFlow® from Manatec is a non invasive hemodynamic monitor. The PhysioFlow® provides a continuous and accurate measure of cardiac output and other parameters. Their innovative and patented technology is based on the proprietary principles of signal morphology impedance cardiography (SM-ICGTM).

EKF Diagnostics
EKF’s Lactate Scout+ has been developed to provide coaches, athletes and clinicians with an accurate and easy-to-use mobile