Upcoming Camps & Events

IRONMAN Canada Course Preview Weekend Camp presented by whistler.com- Whistler, BC

THU, MAY 21, 2015  SUN, MAY 24, 2015


UPRISE Performance Training Camps- The Official Coach of Subaru IRONMAN Canada; will welcome 25 triathletes to Whistler, BC, Canada, May 22-24.  Athletes will engage in an all-new experience that will provide comprehensive preparation for 2015 IRONMAN Canada course. 

UPRISE will offer an unprecedented 3 day and 3 night, race day preparation experience that has not been available at the IRONMAN Canada event.  Athletes will go thru a complete course preview and coaching experience that will touch on all the disciplines as well as off- course education and discussions that will make your IRONMAN Canada many levels above from when you arrived. Expect deliverables on everything from: bike fit, nutrition, supplement, transitions, tapering, pacing, recovery, movement and mobility to name a few. 

IRONMAN Canada Pre-Race Concierge Experience

TUE, JUL 21, 2015  MON, JUL 27, 2015


Prepare to be encouraged, motivated and supported by our professional team of mobility experts, coaches and trainers as we help you with every last detail of your IRONMAN race experience, providing an unprecedented pre-race program.

Hosted at the Four Seasons Whistler, the IRONMAN Canada Pre-Race Concierge Experience will address all your pre-race preparation needs, from healthy clean meals, to dialing in race fueling and hydration strategies, to coached course preview with the perfect tapering solutions.