UPRISE Super Wellness Camp- Maui, Hawaii, USA

 Autumn , 2017

Join us  for a tropical fitness and wellness retreat like no other. 

For six days and six nights you will be in care and mentorship of world class coaches which will lay out a path and strategy for  life long changes.  We will guide and lead you towards a life of optimizing your overall wellness, the big picture.  
Come solo, or grab a friend and secure your slot for a life enhancing experience, all in the lap of luxury.


Camp Objective

Create the  path to longevity, regeneration and the ultimate version of your self, delivered and guaranteed.

  • This training program is custom tailored to match the running and fitness levels of the participants.
  • Camp runs will range from quick and easy 2–5km shake out runs to longer scenic runs that will offer you the opportunity to push your limits and take in some stunning views.
  • We welcome everyone from the newbie athlete to the elite.
  • Participants should be 16 years of age or older.


What to expect?

With a group of inspiring, like minded men and women you will have the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in trail running and living the Hawaiian dream. Learn how to train smarter not harder, regardless of your current ability, let  our team of experts work with you to achieve your goals and have lots of fun doing it.

Over the course of the week you will run, surf, yoga, breakfast on white sand beaches, learn to stand up paddle board or paddle an outrigger canoe, learn an introduction  to Crossfit scaled just for you, learn new mobility stretches and strength training exercises, be immersed in classes such as Sports Nutrition 101, 102, and obtain  Life Fueling Strategy. The experience is guaranteed to be life changing.

You will learn and receive some of the same training, attention, and skills that olympic athletes do.

  • Gain key nutrition knowledge and how to tailor your food plan around training and competing 
  • Learn essential strength and mobility techniques to prevent injury and increase your performance
  • Meet an inspiring community to motivate you for the long life of challenges ahead
  • Receive world class coaching and mentoring opportunities
  • If competition is your thing, expect to leave prepared for the 2017 race season with race strategies, nutrition, and programing
  • Experience stunning and diverse Hawaiian scenery and trails. Reach the summit of a volcano and see some of the most beautiful landscape on earth.

Details of UPRISE Super Wellness Camp will surface  in late summer 2017.

Submit name below, and one of our team will be in touch with you directly.