A complete fitness, wellness and performance retreat. 

First of it's kind in western Canada.

Arrive with an appetite for progress, and leave with an experience of a lifetime.

The product that has been asked for time and time again-The SUPER CAMP.
UPRISE Performance is based in the Sea to Sky Corridor, the Coastal Mountians of British Columbia, Canada. Some call it the most beautiful region in the world, bar none. Not everyone can call this place home. Now, we are providing an opportunity for aspiring athlete to call Squamish and Whistler home for a 5 day/5 night experience that is somewhat of a dream fitness, wellness and performance retreat.
We'll help sort out the logistics of acccomodations, meals, and all needs during your SUPER CAMP. We utilize the resources of the communities, mountains and trails to provide unique and effective sessions.
Each day is up to 6 hours of personal consulting, strategy, coaching in all areas of power, speed, endurnace, mobility and nutrition.
Should there be any need for specialized healing and therapy, our team of specializes are at our disposal for kinesology, acupuncture, shiatsu massage therapy, and natural pathic medicine.

Exepect a performance learning experience full of guidance, adventure, and progress. We guarantee a world class experience.
Contact us directly for dates and venue for your personal SUPER CAMP in Squamish or Whistler.