Team UPRISE is a program that provides coaching, networking and mentorship in the world of endurance sports. ALL LEVELS WELCOME.  Considered the most progressive coaching available in the British Columbia, UPRISE Performance will absolutely guarantee progress and clarity for athletes seeking next level. Our programs scale to all levels, the prerequisite from you is the drive.

Limited newcomers will be accepted in May.  Current Team UPRISE Athletes, this is for you. 

May 2016- The program will launch. Space is limited.

Program Duration-  May through October 2016, come in for all, or some. Commit to the full program and be certain to attain ANYTHING you want in terms of fitness, wellness and performance.

Who is this for: The Driven. Regardless of your level, if you aspire to reach your ultimate potential, then the Team UPRISE will be an organic fit. Think about this, and if pursuing every inch, every minute out of yourself in life does not make sense, then UPRISE may not be for you.

What Team UPRISE is NOT:

Boot Camp. Personal Training.  Day to Day programming. 

What to Expect- 

  • Mentorship providing guidance for all thing fitness, wellness and performance. 
  • Access to private, comprehensive, action packed schedule of exclusive Team UPRISE sessions.
  • Schedule will post monthly on our Private Calendar, and will vary in order to optimize the climate and learning opportunities. You will have several opportunities to be with your coaches and your team in a variety of programs at different sites around Squamish and Whistler.
  • Fun is very emphasized while progress and gains are being made. 
  • Exclusive product and merchandise discounts. (Mdrive, Altra, ULTRA, Proven Nutrition, B-line to name a few) 
  • Group workouts specializing in the pillars of UPRISE- Power, Speed, Endurance, Mobility and Nutrition- ranging from 60 minutes to multi hour.
  • Converge at  venues varying from  parks, track, trail heads, gym and the likes.
  • Bi- monthly private performance workshops- evenings 75-90min programs exclusive for Team UPRISE.
  • Product testing of only the best  items selected by our leaders.

 The program is about optimization. The opportunity is for the driven. All levels welcome. 

Reach to us in the form below, and one of us will contact you for a free consult and discuss if Team UPRISE is right for you.

Fee: $150/month. 

Team UPRISE is driven by our athletes. Both novices and expert, their goals give us life. These are stories of just a few UPRISE people and their experiences.

Vojta Barovian  IRONMAN, Father  Czech Republic/California

Vojta Barovian
Czech Republic/California

Words by Vojta Borovian

First Time IRONMAN Canada Competitor

Signing up with UPRISE for the 3-day preview of the Ironman Canada course is a must. Paul and his UPRISE team provided me with the strategy, preview, and a nutrition plan as well as hands-on experience for swim, bike, and run directly on the Ironman course and much more. Experiencing the course preview with UPRISE greatly enhanced my knowledge of endurance sports and my abilities to perform, especially in the Ironman Canada race. Paul is so integrated in the local culture and sports that you will be exposed to much more than just triathlon.

I would highly recommend UPRISE to anybody wanting to learn more about the endurance sports, Ironman Canada, themselves, and beautiful British Columbia.

Rachel Ragona  Ultra Champion, Mom  England/California

Rachel Ragona
Ultra Champion, Mom

Testimony from Rachel Ragona

British born, Ultra Marathon Champion based in Southern California

Working with Paul and the UPRISE team was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences I've had as an athlete. I was blown away by the level of TLC received over a camp of just 3 days. The team builds upon strengths and fills in the gaps in a pure holistic way. The team has really helped me think of being a 24/7 athlete and achieve the balance I need as a competitive athlete and mom. Since working with the UPRISE Team, I have gained a family and opened my heart to a whole new level of dreams.

Please, do this for yourself, the best investment you'll make as an athlete.

Tiffany Gibson  Trail Runner, Dance Lecturer  England

Tiffany Gibson
Trail Runner, Dance Lecturer

Tiffany Gibson

England, Trail Runner, Dance Instructor

My time with UPRISE was with out doubt life changing. I was nurtured and guided through the best nutrition, well-being, strength and conditioning program. UPRISE Performance Camps helped me to challenge my own expectations and encouraged me to make some fundamental changes to my training, racing and day to day living. I wanted to learn more about running trail and I wanted to be challenged, but UPRISE gave me so much more. I believe my time with Paul helped me to consciously break my habitual cycle of reactivity and move away from constricting fear-mindsets and towards increased awareness and greater possibilities. It was about turning/re-directing what the mind and body once considered impossible in to something full of possibility. For me, this wasn't simply physically or mentally transformational; my experience was also visceral.

They ultimately contributed 100% to my athletic development and overall well-being and they went above and beyond to give me the experience of a lifetime.