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UPRISE Founder and ‘The Professor’ of trail, endurance, and adventure, Paul Romero has created your path to endurance success. We have listened to what the Sea to Sky Corridor wants, and we have put it all together for the most comprehensive and effective coaching available. The Run Camp is for all levels. Read Below. 


  Run Camp 

Resumes June 2017

Squamish, BC

All levels welcome. 




Run Camp delivers a comprehensive and systematic approach to your efficient movement over land. Whether road runner, trail runner, or triathlete, the program will produce knowledge and skills that will be guaranteed to improve power, speed, and endurance. Most importantly, you will be empowered with knowledge for a lifetime. 

How it works, and What to Expect:

  • 1:1 Coaching-Addressing every aspect of the body and mind to ensure total success. This is all accomplished in a small group up to 10.
  • Complete run assessment with video analysis of major movements, strike and gait.
  • Personal tracking using digital and electronic means to document and celebrate progress.
  • Mobility correctives.
  • Coaching in a variety of strength, endurance, gymnastic, dynamic movements and skills.
  • Sessions are generally 60-90 minutes, and will be at times in and outdoors. Expect being coached on  everything from treadmill, barbell and mobility, occasional group runs and track/grass/field workouts.
  • Nutrition and supplement programming included; access and clear path to the industries best products accessible to you at discounts.
  • Complete gear, fuel, event-race consulting is included in the program.
  • Our wellness team includes specialists that heal and repair, and are available to compliment your program.
  • A friendly/fun environment that has no pressure and is completely supportive.
  • All levels welcome.

We deliver holistic methods and will provide solutions for nearly all needs for the endurance athlete. Regardless of your preferred running surface (road, trail, mountain), measurable gains will be attained with a whole lot of fun along the way. The program is essential for your peak performance. It will be demanding at times and the comfort zone will be stretched. We ask that you trust our team. 

Should you encounter aches and pains along the way, we have the most talented team of healers, including Kinesiologist/Shiatsu Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Chiropractor on staff to assess and treat, all in unison to accelerate repair. It works seamlessly; we have the system down. 


Come with big goals, and we will provide a clear path to success. We guarantee it. 

Reach out now for one of the limited spots. One of us will get back to you immediately.


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The UPRISE Fitness Paradigm

The Modern Athlete demands balance. We'll stop at nothing until we achieve success. Expect the best.