The #1 Running Mistake & Solution

The You Tube Channel has launched. We’re rolling out Part 1, in what features the #1 Running Mistake and Solution, with Wellness and Fitness Coach Paul Romero. Subscribe, Share, Engage is what is going to be a barrage of Life/Wellness/Fitness Coaching coming  your way in 2017. Engage the glutes, stay well and livelimitless-

Joint Pain? Let's solve it-

Joint and muscle pain has a way of putting a damper on things. Gains are limited, soreness is no fun, and the very source of pain is debilitating in terms of longevity. Let's discuss some ways to thwart, and at least reduce the discomfort and get on with your fitness and performance program.

Below I've outlined 5 tips that are evidence based, effective and ones that myself and my athletes relay on day in and day out.

  1. Magnesium--the king of earth minerals, of which your body thrives on. Sadly, our food sources these days can not keep up with our demands. Fortunately, we can find it and top off your needs rather easily. I've outlined the very best ways for which you can resupply your body.
    a. Ingest- Magnesium Bisglycinate highly absorbed and does not usually cause the stomach and gastro intestinal reaction of the other magnesium options. This can be found at your neighborhood nutrition supply store for around $20. A small scoop of 400-800mg for athletes, into warm water before bed, and enjoy the next morning feeling fresh.
    b. Bathe in it- Epson Salts, 100-200mg added to hot water for a 15 minute soak will deliver to the muscles and skin very nicely. Remember, skin IS a highly functioning organ and needs minerals to perform and recover.
    c. Apply Topically- Epson Gel- for when that hot bath is not available, applying a magnesium fortified cream generously to an affected area and injury site. This process can provide immediate relief to muscle and joint pain.

  2. Ice bath--Immediately after exertion, the most ideal scenario is to submerge your body into an ice bath. While very low on the fun factor, this treatment has sudden results. Goal being stripping the tissue, skin, surface tissue, and muscle tissue around the surrounding joint space of everything that causes pain and inflammation that slows recovery. Cold river, creak, or the bath at home with large bags of ice added. This is what the pro's and world class athletes do to perform day in and day out.

  3. Antioxidant- A product I've used for over a decade, continues to perform time and time again, with very predictable and reliable results, the worlds most potent anti oxidant Astaxanthin. A gel capsuled algae that has clinical results so profound and conclusive, virtually every body should be on this supplement. I've watched it heal and regenerate acute and chronic pain relief in average Joe's as well as professional athletes during rigorous ultra marathon events.

  4. Turmeric- this relative of ginger based extract has been used for centuries to reduce pain and inflammation. Take it in a capsule or add it grounded (up to 400-600mg into your food or smoothie) and enjoy significant pain relief. Turmeric is even known to be disease preventing for cancer and heart disease.

  5. Alignment- most like the genesis of most joint paint is poor alignment of joints, through bad habits and posture. Following the previous points, a proper strength and conditioning program will place the joints, long bones and spine into alignment such that rigorous activity and sport can be enjoyed day in and day out with significant joint pain.

Regenerate, Rehabilitate and Perpetuate

If you’ve been around the UPRISE Performance Camp in the past month or two, you’ve heard conversation about AstaXanthin. 13 plus years I’ve got experience with this super- Anti Oxidant. It's back on the front burner as I've come across the most quality source of AstaXanthin available anywhere. The personal testimonies range from profound recovery improvement and profound injury rehabilitation support. Asked for one nutricutical to have for end of days, this is it. Watch for much more conversation about this in the coming months.

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4 Reasons Why Strength Training is Vital for Running

Times have changed. The goal remains the same- to enjoy running, injury free and for a long time (longevity).It's the UPRISE way.

4 Reasons Why Strength Training is Vital for Running

  1. Body Composition- Moving heavy things creates a metabolic change in us. There are positive metabolic and hormonal changes shifts that happen, rapidly and properly. This may look like- leaning, muscle gain, which both lead to improved health and efficiency.

  2. Injury Prevention- Life in 2016 is about going 12 months a year, strong. Strength training has been proven to reduce injuries significantly. This works well for our athletes.

  3. Power- Wiki says: to move or travel with great speed or force. Do strength training and your body will move, with power and grace.

  4. Speed- a product of endurance and power. Enough said.

These 4 reasons are a short list. Join us at Run Camp and expand your toolbox and optimize your run game. We guarantee it.

Tyler McGowan in early season preparation for his fist ultra marathon  at Kodiak 100 in California.

Tyler McGowan in early season preparation for his fist ultra marathon  at Kodiak 100 in California.

Run Camp is Back

By popular demand, run camp is back. Progressive and comprehensive approach to making gains in your run is delivered for you here. Strength and conditioning play a key role in this program. Nutrition and mobility are topics new and strange to run coaching, we've got it handled. The new Mountain Fitness Center of Squamish will host the new Run Camp. Check out the link in our LAB tab.

Strength and Run Coach Zoe Dawson

Strength and Run Coach Zoe Dawson

UPRISE for the win...

UPRISE head coach Paul Romero just returned from Nicaragua for competition. 60 competitors, 6 finish... and Paul for the win. 23.5 hours and 80km of equatorial blazing heat and sun in the jungle and volcanos of the Isla de Ometepe. Sharing the win with UPRISE athlete Dylan Morgan, the two endured an epic second to none. Watch for the date of a presentation or stories and images from Survival Run Nicaragua 2016. Proof is in the pudding, run with UPRISE and pursue YOUR podium.


Winter is no excuse...

UPRISE is based in British Columbia. It’s winter. The days are short, nights long, and the moisture is abundant. Sometimes it’s frozen, sometimes it’s not. Regardless, we live in an era of high tech fabrics, warmed enclosed buildings. GET OUT THERE.   UPRISE athletes and coaches are smashing trails, peaks, hut trips and the likes. Play with us if you'd like. RUN CAMP starts up for us next month, and all levels are welcome to join us.

2016 is about REAL PROGRESS. We got you covered. #livelimitless


So... what about alcohol?

The armtwisting season is here. It's holiday season. Temptations become reality.

So, you are on the new program... the 'stay fit over winter program,' then along comes the company holiday party, the family feasts, and all the situations that offer all kinds of things off the program.

Tip from UPRISE: If you must drink, drink clean. Make up your mind ahead of time, and stick with it. Avoid: wine, champagne, beer, and other sugar/calorie filled delights.

The good news: there is low calorie, smooth, and fun ways to enjoy a cocktail or three. Keep it simple and clean. Stick with Gin, Vodka, or Tequila. Squeeze some limes (lots), and a splash of soda water, sip away and enjoy as you insire others to do the same. (Remember, one 8oz glass of water for every cocktail. Bam. 💥)

Celebrate like a pro.